Care Credit

Yes, we take care credit. Apply for Care Credit below.  If you need help, we can help you apply for it. Give us a call at (310) 378-5100 and we’ll walk you through the process. It’s simple, easy and quick!

It’s great to have dental insurance, but many dental plans only cover preventive dental care treatments such as regular dental visits, X-rays, and dental cleanings. That means if you have your heart set on trying one of the cosmetic dentistry treatments you’ve seen in ads, chances are your dental insurance won’t cover it.

But with the help of dental financing programs like CareCredit, you may be able to get those veneers, that teeth whitening treatment or even those porcelain dental braces you’ve been wanting.

So what is CareCredit exactly? It’s a flexible financing program endorsed by the American Dental Association that allows patients to make monthly payments on health care expenses not covered by insurance, including co-payments, deductibles, and cosmetic procedures. Think of CareCredit like a health care credit line!